Soul Chocolate Mother's Day Truffles (Set of 9)

Soul Chocolate Mother's Day Truffles (Set of 9)

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Each box contains 3 of the following truffles:


These classic salted caramel truffles are made with Emerald Grasslands butter, Sheldon Creek Dairy 45% whipping cream, and our 70% chocolate couverture. It's unique shape provides a fun sensory experience. And the flavour? Well, you'll just have to try one to find out!


Honey, like wine (and so many other delicious goods) varies with each vintage as nature reveals new and different flowers for the bees to forage from. We source honey from Rosewood Estate Winery in Beamsville (Kyle's hometown!).

The honey is whipped with coconut oil & brown butter bits and is then piped into a dark chocolate shell. This truffle reminds us of freshly buttered toast lathered with honey; a breakfast staple while growing up.


It's no secret that Ferrero Rocher's are some kind of magic. Forget trying to find out how caramel gets inside a Caramilk bar; now how do they make those spherical hazelnut chocolate goodies?