Cocchi Vino Chinato (750ml)

Cocchi Vino Chinato (750ml)

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The story of Cocchi began in 1891; in 1978 Bava took over this storied and reputable house. All of Cocchi’s products are wine-based and are still produced using the original recipe from 1891 without added chemicals or artificial

Vino Chinato is a fortified wine made with a Barbera base and different herbs and spices. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes and also gifted as a sign of hospitality, today it is more commonly used as a digestif or a fantastic base for cocktails.

Bright and fresh aromas of grapefruit, rhubarb, sage, bay leaf and cardamom following through with gently bitter flavours of fresh red grapes, gentian (a herb used to help with digestion), incense and a warming, mildly tannic, bone dry finish.

750ml - 16% ABV