Acid League Proxies Velvet Non-alcoholic Red Wine  (750ml)

Acid League Proxies Velvet Non-alcoholic Red Wine (750ml)

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Black coffee meets red fruit to move morning rituals into evening. Lush, moody, dare we say velvety, with notes of dark chocolate and black tea balanced by mouthwatering acidity. A true study in tension—bright and dark, invigorating and relaxing, bombastic and restrained, demanding attention at every turn yet smooth-sipping. When you’re ready to cozy up under a blanket and stare at the stars, Velvet is right here waiting for you. A perfect holiday cheers for the non-drinker! 

Core Components

Cherry, Blueberry, Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

Wolfberry Vinegar

Single-Origin Colombian Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Dandelion, Chicory

Cascara, Chinese Black Tea

Serving Temperature:
55-60° F